Anaïs Dubois-Morin

Animal Health Technician

I was born in China where I was adopted at a year old and have since always lived in the Montréal area. As it is with everyone working with animals, I have always loved animals of all kinds. As a result, my home life would be incomplete without my ‘ménagerie’ consisting of a rabbit, a reptile, fish, a three-legged cat and a blind cat. As far as my studies are concerned, I’ve obtained an Attestation of Vocational Studies in animal care from the Trois-Rivières school board in the Spring of 2012. In the Spring of 2014, I graduated as an Animal Health Technician from Collège Boréal (campus of Alfred). During the course of my studies, I did two internships in Montréal and in Vaudreuil. I’ve now been working for three years in a veterinary clinic and I am very pleased to join Dr. Ollivier’s staff as ophthalmology is a specialty that I find fascinating. In my spare time, I practice various sports (baseball, cross-fit, camping), I paint with water colors and I also maintain a file that I’ve set up containing veterinary articles from various sources.