COVID-19: Ongoing preventative measures 

Before your next visit we invite you to watch this short video presented by Dr. Ollivier explaining the health and safety measures in place at the clinic. As we are a small clinic, these measures are aimed at protecting our clients and our dedicated team by limiting contact and by extension, the risk of contagion during appointments. Despite these temporary measures, we are eager to offer you the best service possible.

Our goal is to make your next visit safe and enjoyable. Thank you for your understanding.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our reception.


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514 375-4713


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Anaïs Dubois-Morin

Anaïs Dubois-Morin

Animal Health Technician

I was born in China where I was adopted at the age of one and since then I have always lived in the Montreal area. Like all the employees who work in the field, I have always been driven by a love of animals of all kinds. Besides, my living environment would be incomplete without the animals I support: a rabbit, a reptile, fish, a three-legged cat and a blind cat. My academic training consists of a certificate of professional studies as an animal keeper obtained in the spring of 2012 in Trois-Rivières; I subsequently obtained my veterinary care technician diploma from Boreal College (Alfred campus) in the spring of 2014. During my studies, I did two internships in a veterinary clinic in Montreal and Vaudreuil. I have been working in a veterinary clinic for three years and I am happy to join Dr Ollivier’s team, whose specialty in ophthalmology is of great interest to me. I devote my free time to sport (baseball, cross-fit, camping), watercolor as well as researching documentation on the animal world to maintain a file that I prepared from veterinary chronicles from various sources.