Thy Vu

Animal Health Technician

Since I was a child , I have always been fascinated by the animal life and watching documentaries such as Blue planet and National Geographic increased my interest in animal life. I was begging my parents to adopt an animal, I was asking them to go to the zoo and I was going to the library to borrow books and my school projects very often were about animals. Growing, I developed other interest such as healthcare and sciences….. Then  to combine my various interest, I decided to go to animal healthcare. I did my school in Animal Heath Technique at the Collège Laflèche in Trois-Rivières in 2016 and then I started working in the veterinary field. To increase my knowledge and my experience, I joined Dr Ollivier ‘s team at Ophtalmo Vétérinaire and I learn each day there! During my down times, I enjoy reading, drawing and even play music.