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A CERF certificate
(Canine Eye Registration Foundation )

was created many years ago with the recommendations of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO). It is internationally known and recognized. It is a simple but complete that consists in all the structures of the eye (from the eyelid to the retina) after administering dilating drops in both eyes to dilate the pupils.

The eye exam certification


A fundamental need for the breeders and the owners

of pure breed animals


A breeder should be concerned to breed animals of high quality/standard that have high chance to lead to a high quality of descendants.

A pet owner should also be concerned to know if his pet is free of presumed hereditary diseases than could lead to the loss of vision to pain in the future, and that could lead to expenses for possible medical or surgical treatments.

The objective of veterinary ophthalmologists is to perform screening exams of the breeding animals and their descendants in order to detect presumed hereditary ocular diseases and therefore reduce their prevalence.

This concern the diseases that can affect the quality of life of animals or their vision, and that are painful or require long term medical treatment or a surgical procedure: entropion, cataract, glaucoma, retinal diseases etc.

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Genetic test for dogs and cats

We provide you with 2 PDF documents on the genetic test that are available for dogs and cat You can download them by clicking on then.

List of genetic tests for cats

List of genetic tests for dogs

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A collective effort to screen

for hereditary diseases

The joined efforts of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO), the CERF and the Foundation for Animals (OFA) allowed the creation of a huge database collecting anonymously all the results of these eye certification exams and the name was changed to OFA-ECR certification.


Veterinary ophthalmologists are therefore « scientific advisors » for the breeders in order to help them in their choices for breeding. However, the final decision about breeding remains in the hands of the breeding clubs and their members: the breeders.


This certificate is available at the Ophtalmo Veterinaire Clinic and is obtained after a standardized eye examination in order to detect the absence or presence of an eventual hereditary ocular condition(s) in dogs and cats.


We voluntarily fix a lower price for the eye certification exam than a regular eye exam because we want to encourage the breeders and the pet’s owners to get their animals screened for presumed hereditary ocular diseases.


Since 2020, the certificate OFA-ECR is available online through the website ofa.org/online. This makes the procedure much simpler, faster and reduces the number of mistakes.

The owner of the breeder needs to create an account in order to access the application. Once connected to their account, they can access the manual of the left-hand side.

The process is easy and fast. It will allow also to receive the certificate must faster. To access, please click on the OFA button on the right.


1. Go to www.ofa.org/online
2. Click on “Start here”
3. Click on “Create Owner Account “
4. Fill your information
5. Click on « Continue »


1. Connect to your OFA account
2. Click on « Create a new application »
3. Fill the information regarding your animal
4. Select the place for the exam (Vet. or clinic)
5. Select « CAER Eye Exam »
6. Search for the veterinarian by entering his/her family name or by Clicking on « Lookup »
7. Select the veterinarian
8. Click on « Create form »