COVID-19: Ongoing preventative measures 

We are happy to welcome back clients with their pets into the clinic! 
For everyone's safety, we will manage the flow of clients into the clinic, and accept a maximum of 2 people per pet inside. In order to limit the number of people inside the clinic, we ask you to follow this arrival process: 

  • When parked near the clinic, please remain in your car and call us at (514)375-4713; 
  • You will be assigned to a spot on the terrace in front of the clinic, if there is no space available when you arrive, we will call you back to inform you when you can come back to the terrace;
  •  When the consultation room will be available, we will pick you up on the terrace and guide you to the room. 

Thank you for your understanding, our goal is to make your next visit safe and enjoyable.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our reception.


514 375-4713


514 375-4713


Online Services

This button will allow you to access the reference reports and clinical photos for each of your cases at any time. It’s like you’re with us at the clinic!



We wish to grow long term partnerships with the veterinary practices of the Montreal region.

Therefore, as soon as you think that an animal needs to be referred to us (because you want a second opinion about an ocular disease a bit more complicated or because your client wants to push the treatment a bit further) please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also happy and available to assist you the best we can by answering your questions par email or phone.

To refer us a case, you can forward our information to your client or you can simply let us know by giving us a call/e-mail or by filling out our Clinic transfer form. . This information is very useful to us before welcoming your client and examining the animal.


This button will allow you to access reference reports and clinical photos at any time for each of your cases. It is as if you were with us at the clinic!


Please note that it is important for us to have the medical record of the animal you are referring to us for few reasons:

Because our clinic mainly functions by reference, we want to respect this relationship with your clinic, and we will therefore ask your client to authorize you to send us the medical record of their pets
Because we want your client to have the most enjoyable, fast and efficient visit at our practice, we need to know the treatments that were previously prescribed.

That is why we require to have in our hands the medical records of your client’s pet prior to their appointment.

If we insist on having the files before their visit to our practice, it is because our goal to collaborate the best possible with you.

In return, we will let you know that your client had an appointment our practice. The report forms their visit with us as well as the clinical photographs will be sent to you within 24 to 48 hours after their appointment. You have also a 24hrs/7 direct access online to all the medical files of the patients you have referred to us through our practice software VETUP.